Zelda Breath of the Wild E3 Trailer and Lots of Info

Nintendo has finally lifted the veil off its major Zelda open world project.

For the first time since Ocarina of Time, Nintendo have finally changed the conventions that have restricted 3D Zelda games these past years. Players begin their journey in a mysterious chamber where Link must discover the world around him. Based on the latest gameplay live footage this is what we were able to learn:

Voice acting is confirmed. Though it seems not everyone. Link will remain silent.

Screenshot (388).png

Armors, weapons, and items now work in typical RPG form. Meaning that you can discover equip a wide range gear from a simple shirt to heavy armor. Same goes with weapons as you will be able to start with a simple tree branch and work your way up to swords and axes.Different regions require different types of clothes (mountains need heavier clothes)

Armors and weapons also have stats.

Screenshot (397).png

Screenshot (449).png

Screenshot (420).png

You can climb virtually anything with little to no restriction.

Screenshot (450).png

The E3 Demo is limited to a Grand Plateau which represents a fraction of the full map.

Screenshot (439).png

Screenshot (441).png

The glider from Wind Waker is back. Looks different.

Screenshot (442).png

Speaking of Wind Waker these guys are back too!

Screenshot (418).png

Item management is more akin to traditional RPG. Lots of items and gears as well as food (which now restores your health).

Screenshot (415).png

Fire now spreads similar to Far Cry

Screenshot (364).png

You can cook!

Screenshot (365).png

Weather effects terrain. Here’s a lightning strike causing a forest fire.

Screenshot (369).png

There are over a 100 shrines (mini dungeons) to explore. Each one rewards you with spirit orbs to exchange for items.

Screenshot (452).png

The Sheikah Slate is basically your personal smart device. You can upgrade it with various abilities such Magnesis which acts as a magnet to lift objects.

Screenshot (455)

Screenshot (457)




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