Doom Update Brings Back Classic Center Aim

Doom 2016 has won me over and is easily a GOTY 2016 contender so far.

What makes it so unforgettable is how it understands the source material and translates it to modern times. Ergo, Doom is now getting a free update that lets players experience the game with center aim mode. This of course pays homage to classic 90’s shooters that always had their guns appear in the center as opposed to the more (realistic?) style of keeping the weapon on the side.

pistolThe update will also include a number of different new features include a photo mode. Read up all about it on the game’s official blog. Expect it to roll out tomorrow on PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

Now if only they could fix that pesky multiplayer region issue on PC.


3 thoughts on “Doom Update Brings Back Classic Center Aim

  1. My boyfriend just played through this game and adored it for all the reasons you mentioned in your video and more. I only had the demo version of Wolfenstein 3D for DOS back in the day and never got to play Doom at all, but I can appreciate the fan love for these games. Also, I loved your review video! I subscribed to you, so I’m looking forward to seeing more content.

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  2. Anonymous says:

    I hope the classic FPS view is just an option and allows players to choose between the two viewpoints. Regarding updates and to pay homage to the original Doom, how about giving us a download patch to allow 2 friends to play the campain mode just like the PS1 version allowed, that imo would be a must have update


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