Symphonic SEGA Will Celebrate Sonic’s 25th

Game Symphony Japan are teaming up with SEGA to produce a live Ochestra performance of classic SEGA games including Sonic.

Here is a list of iconic Sonic tracks that will be featured:

Part 1

Congratulation! “Sonic” 25 anniversary
than successive “Sonic” series

Sonic the hedgehog Title
Green Hill Zone
Sonic the Hedgehog 2 Chemical Plant Zone
Sonic & Knuckles Title
Sky Sanctuary Zone
Sonic Adventure Emerald Coast Zone
Sonic Adventure 2 City Escape (Instrumental)
Live Ando Learn (Instrumental)
Sonic Heroes Seaside Hill
Sonic the Hedgehog (2006) His World
Sonic Unleashed The World Adventure ‒ Orchestral Theme ‒
Sonic Colors Theme of Sonic Colors
Sonic Lost World Wonder World ‒ Title Theme ‒

There will be other major tracks from the Puyo Puyo and Nights series as well.

The concert will take place on July 17th at the Tokyo Metropolitan Art Theater Concert Hall. Those interested can book tickets on the official page here.


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