New Sonic Mega Drive Comic Series Inbound

Archie have been celebrating Sonic’s 25th with a nostalgic collection of Sonic comics that pays homage to his 90’s self. Needless to say fans went wild and are asking for more. Archie is delivering.

Speaking with AIPT (SEGA Nerds), series artist Ian Flynn revealed that a new Sonic Mega Drive series is well underway.

AiPT!: Any plans for Mega Drive beyond the one-shot special? Is it a “wait and see how it does” sort of deal? Pre-Adventure ’90s Sonic was my jam, and just looking at those preview pages, I know I’d be all over further exploits of the squatter, shorter quilled Hedgehog.

Flynn: Thanks to early, passionate fan response we’ve announced that we’re going to be doing a sequel! You can look forward to Sonic Mega Drive: The Next Level later this year. I really hope the fans keep up the hype and the support, because I’ve got one last installment I’d love to write. And if interest keeps up from there? Who knows! Supply and demand – you demand more Classic Sonic adventures, we’ll supply them.


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