Final Fantasy XV Officially Delayed To November

It’s been rumored for a while but we now have confirmation that Final Fantasy XV will miss its September 30th launch date. The game will now launch on November 29th.

The reason behind the delay, like most delays, is due to quality. While the game is complete there is room to improve or as Tabata put it loosely to make it the ‘ultimate quality version’ of Final Fantasy XV. They were open to the idea of a ‘day one’ patch but chose not delay the game instead as they felt the patch would be too big and won’t be fair to those who have poor or no internet connection.

It’s no secret that the team have been under a lot of pressure, especially from fans who have been waiting for 10 years. Them taking the time to make sure the game’s quality is up to snuff is exactly what they need to do. And let’s be honest, two months ain’t the end of the world.

Tabata also mentioned that a 30 minute gameplay demo of Final Fantasy XV will be shown tomorrow. This will be running on the current master build of the game.


3 thoughts on “Final Fantasy XV Officially Delayed To November

  1. I respect the developers not wanting to have a huge day one patch like so many other recent games. We’ve waited this long for FFXV already. We can wait two more months. It’ll be just in time for the holidays.


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