Gameboy Color RPG Gets Released 15 Years Later

Gameboy Color RPG ‘Infinity’ has been released online 15 years later.

Back in 2001 a dev studio called Affinix Software was working on the RPG for the Gameboy Color. At the time the platform was slowly dying out by the soon to be released Gameboy Advance. This naturally resulted in the project being shelved even though most of it was done. Years later the devs decided to release the rom with a few fixes.

We estimate that Infinity is around 90% complete. The game was developed out of order so it’s not the last 10% that is missing, but rather a bunch of parts throughout (this is why the preview ends fairly early on). Our plan is to finish the game eventually, but given how many years it has been, we can’t make any guarantees. We’ve made the source code available to ensure that Infinity can live on regardless of what we do. Maybe if we don’t finish the game anytime soon, someone else can. Or maybe what’s playable can be ported to other platforms. We hope retrogamers will enjoy this little bit of history.

As pointed out in the post, the game is only about 90% done so you may encounter a lot of issues along the way. Either way it’s  a neat little surprise. For those looking to dig deeper, the game’s source code has also been made available as well.

Inifnity can be downloaded here. A Gameboy Color emulator is required.


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