Star Citizen Destroyed No Man’s Sky in One Demo

Everyone has mixed feelings over No Man’s Sky. One side hoped it would deliver a compelling space journey experience while the other thought it would be Minecraft in space. While No Man’s Sky delivered on the latter, Star Citizen hopes to go the distance with an epic space journey.

[Skip to 8:18 for planet exploration.]

In the demonstration we were given an actual first look at planet exploration in Star Citizen. This goes from waking up in a space station to droping on another planet. The difference between this and No Man’s Sky is that the planets aren’t randomly generated instead have actual places that are developed to give users an experience that’s guaranteed to have a certain level of quality. On top of that Star Citizen has narrative added to give that extra incentive for players who wish to play for the story.

The cherry on the interstellar pie however has to be the added CO-OP gameplay. Players don’t have to second guess whether or not the feature is actually in the game, because it is and has shown to be something tangible.

Star Citizen is still developed but it’s planning on launching its first campaign story this year.


22 thoughts on “Star Citizen Destroyed No Man’s Sky in One Demo

      • Hicken says:

        Promised missing content? You using that list from reddit or wherever that included every thing ever mentioned as even possibly being available in the game? That list which has been updated since MANY of the things listed wound up being in the game after all?

        And what do you mean by “sold as a AAA experience?”


      • @hicken look at the stage demos and you’d see what I’m talking about. The game is meant to be filled with these events of galactic space battles and factions which don’t exist. They promised new experiences on different planets when in reality they all played the same. (to the point they share the same type of materials).

        Lastly the multiplayer. Yes it has to be said again. A huge reason why so many people including me were excited to play was to share the journey with friends. At the very least it would have added more value. As it currently stands this is not a AAA experience and shouldn’t be sold as a $60 game.

        FYI star citizen campaign mode was sold for $45.


      • Cyrus Draegur says:

        You aren’t going to be winning many hearts and minds with that condescending attitude, ‘son’. This sure was an indie game, which is what makes it such a shame that they decided to charge AAA price – $60.00! – for a glitchy knockoff that only shows 20% of the functionality previously demonstrated. DEMONSTRATED! LIVE! in front of thousands of spectators, unscripted, with playtesters!

        Imagine you were buying another product, for instance a car.
        The salesman lets you ride in the passenger seat as he shows you all its features:
        the roof is photovoltaic and charges the car’s battery before your eyes from 80% to 100% in just a couple minutes. What insane power efficiency!
        the roof folds up into the back, wow it’s a convertable too!
        he accelerates the car to 300 miles per hour, wow what a fast car! amazing!
        he drives it into a lake and it floats, driving around on the water. Holy cow it’s amphibious!

        you’re so impressed you buy the car.
        and so you pay $80,000.00 for this incredible groundbreaking technological marvel

        but then as soon as you drive yours off the lot, it sputters to a halt. you check the roof… hey wait it’s not charging the battery! you check the battery – oh wait, this isn’t a battery, it’s a steam engine – a COAL FIRED STEAM ENGINE.and the roof isn’t convertible either! And even WHEN you shovel 50 pounds of coal into the boiler’s firebox, the car can’t seem to go above 34 miles per hour no matter how hard you push the accelerator. And forget waterpoof… because when it started raining the car fell apart.

        but heeeeey don’t be mad! you knew what you were getting into! this is a car from an independent developer, you’re just happy it drove **AT ALL**, right!?!?! BESIDES, none of those features you were shown by the dealer were PROMISES, all he said was that they’re going to be part of the car you’re buying. That’s not a PROMISE! Why, that car dealer did a FINE job and he should never have to explain to you why the car you bought didn’t do any of the things you were told it was going to do. ever.

        Because you’re a GOOD little consumer whore so you don’t complain when papa business bends you over, you SPREAD EM!


  1. Marcus Lambly says:

    Two issues here:

    1-two different games. NMS never sold itself to be a action heavy space sim with everything thrown in the mix.

    2-How much do you have to pay for that PC just to run Star Citizen comfortably? Yeah I always said extreme PC gamers had more money than brains.


    • Burt says:


      1. True NMS didn’t advertise itself as a space combat sim. Honestly they didn’t show much at all because as it turns out the game didn’t amount to much. Just mining and scanning really. A great tech engine in search of a game.

      2. This is where you lose me. Gaming is a hobby like any other. You get what you pay for and spending money on a beast of a rig is not stupid if you have the money to do so. Sure the performance per dollar value goes out the window but to those that can afford it that doesn’t matter and that doesn’t make them stupid. It just means that they can afford the best. It would be the same as thinking it is dumb for someone to drive a nice car instead of a Corolla because it is cheaper and functional.

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    • Bob says:

      Funny you say that, since it usually requires brains in order to make the money to purchase and assemble yourself a personal super computer. Sounds like you’re just a jealous little bitch. 🙂


    • Voidrat says:

      As far as #2 goes, I use what I already had. Intel quad core i5 3.4 ghz, 750GTX 2048VRAM, 16 gigs ram, Winders 10. It cost me under a grand to build my computer 4 years ago (my laptop costed twice as much) and I’ve only ever upgraded the graphics card. Star Citizen runs great for me… aside from the crashes that everyone experiences– because, ‘alpha’.


  2. steeviii says:

    Star citizen is the biggest scam ever. They receive 10 or 20 extra millions, and all they announce with that extra cash is a new ship here, a few extra textures there…

    I bet 10’000 dollars with whoever wants to lose money, well be in 2018-2019, and that fking star citizen game won’t still have a release date !

    Why is there no release date ? Because as long as people keep donating thousands dollars to the project /company, and they get closer to the 250 millions… then, 270 millions…. then, 300… then, 320… etc etc, why would the company announce a release date ?

    The worst thing, for me, is the fact that, ex, a guy that has donated 2000 or 3000 dollars, well, he should be getting the full game, with all the content, right ?

    Not only the company, which was supposed to need 3-5 millions to finish the project, already gathered around 200 fking million dollars, but even a guy that has pledged and ‘donated’ 5’000 dollars, well, that guy will need to spend another hundreds and thousands dollars, to purchase hundreds thousands in-game items !
    You have donated 10’000 dollars, and want to buy a more powerful booster for your aircraft, or you want to buy 2 extra missiles, or you want to unlock a simple option on your spacecraft.. or you want to buy 20 units of a particular oil/gas… or you want to unlock that 3rd canon on the back of your spacecraft? Or millions other items and options ?

    Well, you will need to spend another hundreds or thousands dollars, to get or enable those items !

    Shi t, will all the hundreds millions fans have donated, and for sure the game will reach the 400 or 500 million dollars donations/pledges, dam n, ALL THE CONTENT in the game should be free and accessible by everybody.
    Never should a fan who already put thousands dollars on the game HAVE TO spend more and more money on microtransactions /in-game purchases. NEVER.

    WHAT a scam, really.

    Better, recently, the guys behind star citizen have changed some rules and policies, that make very difficult, if not impossible, to get his donation back and get a refund.
    As they head to the next milestone, like the 250 or 300 million donations, devs are aware there is just too many cash involved, and it’s becoming insane. And because they won’t announce a release date before 2 or 3 years, they’re afraid donators might wake up and realize the scam they’re into, and decide to get their money back.
    That’s why they added/modified some rules… smart guys, huh…

    And by 2017 or 18, I’m sure they’re gonna announce something like ‘OK, dear fans, due to the war/economic crisis, stock markets/bla bla, we have lost a lot of money, and we’re no longer sure we’ll have enough cash to finish the project, bla bla, that’s why we need your support again. So please, dear fans, help us gathering another 150 millions, so we can finish this project you love so much. If we reach 100 millions, we will add a new spaceship, that you’ll be able to purchase for a little $49 . If we reach 150 millions, we will build another amazing ship that can travel at 30’000m/h with a special gaz/plasma. You can buy 100 units of that gaz, for a little $79. If we can’t reach the 150 millions during the 30 days, and only reach 145 millions, you won’t be able to get a refund. We love you, valuable fans’

    Scam, scam, scam.

    Until there are some laws to protect gamers from these scams, gamers will be spending countless money. And these companies will be stealing money from innocent gamers.
    Yeah, STEALING.


    • Christopher Forstner says:

      The money spent right now for in game items is just to support development. All of the items for sale will be able to be earned in game with no RMT. Your point on release date may be true, only time will tell, but the rest of this is absolutely false.


    • Bob says:

      That’s a big wall of text for somebody who, right from the very first paragraph, makes it blindingly obvious that you’re an idiot whose opinion of the game is formed solely based on bullshit others have fed you and you haven’t bothered to do any research on the topic yourself, or you’re just a complete moron who doesn’t understand anything about how this game and it’s funding and goals work at all.


  3. You sound like a true blind fanboy of CIG OR true hater of NMS.
    NMS is a finished game and working game – SC is been in development for 4 years with tons of cash and still nothing is really is out there – Christ roberts like to release mind blowing trailers but when it comes to the users it’s far from what was shown.
    You should be a shame of this title and you should release your hate somewhere else.


    • HT says:

      AAA quality games takes years to make they don’t just come out of the blue. Understand game development before you talk about how long its in development. Games like these take time to make.


  4. Marcus Lambly says:


    1. The game is truly different from other titles and the developer never promised the moon.

    2. I’m all for getting what you pay for but at the same time they shouldn’t be comparing these two titles since one is for consoles and the other for PC. Two different space sim on two different platforms. Star Citizen should be comparing itself to EVE or other PC centric space sims.


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