Titanfall 2 Multiplayer is a Yawn Fest


4 thoughts on “Titanfall 2 Multiplayer is a Yawn Fest

  1. I honestly feel like Titanfall 1 was better looking and more polished. I hope that this quality will improve closer to launch, but I doubt people will stick with the multiplayer. I personally love Titanfall, but I too quit Titanfall 1 about a month in.


  2. Ra3030 says:

    Let’s face it…..Call Of Duty with Mech’s is in no way as fun as Call of Duty. Remember the daily non-stop 9 month pre-release TitanFall hype and how TitanFall was the “Call of Duty Killer” and “TitanFall was the game that would change everything”?…… Then TitanFall released and a week later everyone forgot all about TitanFall. The game and launch was so poor they had to give the game away? I have no idea why anyone would think TitanFall 2 would be better.


  3. justsomepissedoffdude says:

    Interesting how everyone keeps judging the game based on a tech test. I for one enjoyed the hell out of it and cannot wait for next week. The game is awesome and I bet will be far better than COD


    • Keep in mind it’s the ideas or flow of the game that we’re currently judging. Respawn knew that Titanfall 1 died quickly so rather than take the series to the next level it chose to remain in its place.


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