8 Minutes of Agony Gameplay Footage To Keep You Up At Night

Agony, the game where you must escape hell, has just got a new gameplay trailer and it’s seriously the stuff of nightmares.

While it’s certainly creepy you can’t help but feel that the developers have put serious effort into crafting a dark version of hell. Games like DOOM and Saints Row glamourize the idea of kicking ass in the underworld, Agony on the other hand actually makes you feel vulnerable as a wandering soul who’s doomed to be tormented for eternity.

It’s easy to judge this as a simple walking simulator but there are some interesting gameplay mechanics here. One side has obviously to do with surviving and avoiding demons while the other involves possessing certain demons to complete your goals. The developers Mad Mind have yet to reveal possessing footage however.

Agony will arrive next year on PS4, Xbox One, and PC.


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