If You Wish Okami Was On PC You May Want to Check Out Lost Ember

Lost Ember proves we need more wolfs (and animals) as main characters in video games.

Explore the remains of a fallen world from fascinating perspectives! Slip into the role of different animals to uncover the fate of an ancient world. Dive into deep waters, fly at lofty heights, dig underground as a mole or even climb steep cliffs with a mountain goat, there are lots of ways of getting around.

With a wolf as your main character a determined companion will tell a story of loyalty, despair and betrayal that led to the fall of a whole world.

What’s so striking about this trailer is the quality. It genuinely looks like something out of a AAA studio and I can’t wait to see more of it. Only recently we were treated to another high quality indie game with Lost Soul Aside. At this rate indie’s will most likely end up paving the way for future games to come.


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