It Seems The Nintendo NX Will Be Region Free

For the longest time, Nintendo’s consoles have always been forceful with its region locking. As a result many gamers missed out on obscure classics or sometimes massive hits. As an example Xenoblade Chronicles for the Wii was almost never never going to be released in the US even though the entire game was fully localized in English. The same could be applied to its 3DS which received harsh criticism for being the first Nintendo handheld with region locking. It’s also worth noting that Nintendo is the only video game company in the market that still uses region locking.

But now it seems this era is about to come to an end.

A new source coming from Nintendo’s insider source, Emily Rogers , believes the NX will not be region locked. This has long been a requested feature going as back as the late Iwata himself acknowledging it as a requested feature.


She also clarifies a few things regarding the design with the right analog stick being below the face buttons.


And that it will come with built-in 32 GB memory. At least that’s according to the prototype.


As always this is all still a rumor until Nintendo finally reveals the damn thing. But judging from her and some sources such as Liam Robertson it seems the company really wants to make amends with its mistake. I previously mentioned how Pokemon GO’s mechanics break tradition, let’s hope this follows with the Nintendo NX.


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