N64 Emulator Out Now on Xbox One

Similar to the Gameboy Advance emulator, Microsoft has just approved a N64 emulator capable of, you guessed it, playing N64 games on your Xbox One.

The emulator was available for a while on the Windows 10 Store but since the new update started rolling out both stores are slowly merging which includes app support. This means that if you develop an app for the Windows 10 Store you could make it run easier on the Xbox One.


It also supports Windows Holo which would be interesting to try out

Unsurprisingly this lead to an explosion on the Xbox One subreddit with players now able to play classics like Mario 64 on a Microsoft home console. On the other side of the playing field, Nintendo fans are scratching their heads wondering how this passed approval and why Nintendo aren’t stepping in. The answer is simple: emulators are not illegal. However the Roms are copyright protected which the emulator does not offer. It’s also worth pointing out that emulators have long stood in popular digital storefronts such as Google Play where they receive constant updates.


The World is Not Enough running on Xbox One

In terms of performance, it doesn’t seem the emulator holds up THAT well on the system. Many are struggling to get games working smoothly at 1080. Then again, who cares? You can finally brag on the internet how you’re able to play Nintendo games on a Microsoft system (provided you don’t mention where and how you got the Roms).

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