Final Fantasy XV Getting 60 FPS Patch on PS4 Pro

Square has been a bit ambiguous in terms of its PS4 Pro features but today we finally get some more insight in its recent active time report (translation via Siliconera).

On Pro, the game will run between 40-50 FPS at 1080p when it launches and will later receive a steady 60 FPS patch in December. At 4K the game will run at roughly 30 FPS. Hopefully Square will follow up with Kingdom Hearts 3.

This kind of initiative from devs makes me quite happy as my impressions of the Pro have been a bit skeptical in terms of performance. This also adds value to those who currently don’t own a 4K TV but would like to take advantage of Pro features which, in this case, is very impactful to gameplay. Heck, I’d take performance over higher res any day of the week.

Learn more about the PS4 Pro in my impressions video.


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