Steam is Down. Phantom Squad Takes Responsibility

UPDATE: Steam is back online.

If you were planning on playing some cozy games on Steam (or maybe even check out their winter sale) well prepare to be disappointed. A group known as Phantom Squad has hit Steam servers with what appears to be your standard DDoS attack. Currently all servers are down.

The funny part is nobody really knows why they did it other than, because they can. And of course fame. Last year, Steam was hit with a similar attack which thankfully was resolved quickly. For now we’ll have to see how this will pan out and, more importantly, if any private info wasn’t compromised in the process.


6 thoughts on “Steam is Down. Phantom Squad Takes Responsibility

  1. Stupid Nerds says:

    These fags can take down anything they want and they choose a gaming network. Talk about some real scary hackers! Chumps ,bunch of zit faced kids with no money to buy games I guess.


  2. Anonymous says:

    its just like any time this happens on a holiday, they want attention for using a simple DDOS tool. that someone else most likely made, i mean these people are a joke. and i bet a majority of them are either 19 years old or younger. just being dicks really more than a threat.


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