Rumored Powerful Switch Dock Will Make it as Powerful as PS4 Pro

While some of us are excited for the Switch we can’t help but feel that it is relatively under powered when compared to the competition. This can be a concern as the device may not be seen future proof, however one recent rumor might change that all together.

Rumors originating from NeoGaf  insider sources have revealed that a powerful Switch Dock is in the development stage which will expand the console’s current GPU. The power we’re looking at is as high as an Nvidia 1060 bringing it closer to a PS4 Pro. Devkits have reportedly already been produced.

Now how will this exactly work? Theoretically this means that while the current Switch may not be strong on its own, a dock could at least make it powerful to support more robust games while also making it future proof. However this means that certain games may only work with this dock and not in hand held mode (which I think is a decent payoff).

Again take this rumor with a grain of salt, I think it may eventually happen but way down the line.

UPDATE: It seems the nature of this device is unclear at this point and could be stand alone without a dock or it could be the dock itself.


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