For Honor—5 Things To Know Before Starting Tomorrow’s Open BETA

Ubisoft’s latest big multiplayer isn’t a shooter (that one is coming next month) but instead one that relies on melee combat. Specifically, swords, axes, daggers, and glaives to name a few. As someone lucky enough to get into the closed BETA, here are five things that stood out for me while playing For Honor:

5. It’s not a Hack and Slash


When you think swords and video games our minds quickly picture Devil May Cry or Legend of Zelda. This plays like neither of them. Even with light equipment on, For Honor challenges the player to take their time and learn when to attack. The game’s opening tutorial really helps at understanding the weight to the game and to know when face your enemy or hide. Whatever you do, don’t skip it.

4. It’s a MOBA


The game’s main multiplayer mode called Dominion is basically a MOBA. Which means that you’ll need to capture zones followed by killing pushing and killing hordes of mobs. Even the way the maps are shaped basically follows the same grid we see in major MOBA games. Not that it’s a bad thing though depending on your expectations you may have thought differently.

3. It’s also a fighting game


For Honor is a game all about timing when dealing with your opponent. So much so that it feels like you’re basically playing a fighting game. Similar to the likes of Street Fighter, players need to understand combos and how to pull of specials. Yes, specials that glow orange just like any other fighting game. In one match I had force myself to learn my character as much as possible as I was constantly hammered by my opponent who kept pulling off massive combos and finishers. It’s surprisingly deep and challenging making each victory feel special and rewarding.

2. 2v2 and 1v1 are intense


If you want to take the fighting game atmosphere to the next level look no further than the 2v2 or 1v1 modes. Due to the lack of capturing objectives, each match can turn into a stare down. I recall my first 2v2 match, my partner and I waited to see who our opponents will strike first. We waited for almost a minute with nothing but the leaves and the wind to keep us company. Easily my favorite mode so far.

1. Robust customization


For a game just about melee weapons you’d think the customization wouldn’t be anywhere near as robust as say Call of Duty or Battlefield’s guns. Thankfully I was again surprised to see so much depth and care went into its weapons. You can change everything from the hilt of the blade to how it effects movement—it’s ridiculously detailed in the best way possible.

For Honor’s open BETA starts tomorrow, Feb 9 at 2PM GMT and will end on Feb 12 at 10 PM GMT. If you gotten into the closed BETA and downloaded the files keep them. If not it would be recommended to pre-load the BETA prior to when the servers open.


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