Being a Nintendo Fan in 2017 is Tough

The gaming industry, ever so evolving, has gifted us with countless moments that will forever remain with us till the end of time. We pour hours, days, weeks, and years into these virtual experiences. As a result we have formed opinions and feelings towards certain brands that are tethered to us. Whether if it’s hearing the iconic PS One intro or the “it’s-a-me, Mario!” from Mario 64, we can’t help but feel a strong connection. Nostalgia is powerful. To many, including me, Nintendo is at the center of that nostalgia. Its effect on me and countless others over the years is profound and nowhere near as powerful as other video game brands out there. But with each generation, new opinions emerge and people change. In 1994 it might have been cool to be a Nintendo fan, but in 2017, it’s tough.

Standards and expectations

It’s no secret that the internet has changed the foundation of our heated debates. Back in the day we used to always talk trash in school or at the mall, but now places like NeoGaf, GameFaqs, Twitter, Facebook, and N4G have become suitable substitutes.

People are always arguing, whether about exclusives or graphics. Though in recent years it’s mostly graphics and Nintendo have taken a beating hard for that. In 2007 it was almost embarrassing to admit liking the Wii. It’s a kid’s toy, something that’s weak and doesn’t even produce the latest HD standards. 2017 haven’t changed things much. I can barely keep a serious conversation about the Switch without someone going “it’s not even as powerful as the Xbox One” or “doesn’t even come with Netflix”. People want the best and latest and while I can say “get a PC and plug it in your TV” this will spike yet another argument which I will not touch for obvious reasons. Bottom line is it’s either Xbox One or PS4, with the latter being the Holy Grail.


Picky about specs

I love my PS4, and yes more than my Xbox One. But do I consider it as powerful as say a PC rig? Hell no, not even the “Pro” can come close. But to many specs mean everything. 4K this, and HDR that. Yes, I do enjoy these standards but I would hardly call them necessary for a game to be good. People obsess over things way too much. It’s baffling to see console enthusiasts who hate PC constantly argue over specs.

I primarily think of myself as a PC gamer so when I think of a console I think of a machine that is capable of giving me unique gaming experiences, one that not even a PC can do. This is why I don’t touch my PS4 or Xbox One that much, because they’re basically mid-range PC’s with the included hassle of dealing with installations and large files. The Pro has taken this concept further with “boost mode” and laughable graphical options in some games. But with Nintendo, it’s different.
For instance, even with emulation, playing DS games on the PC is a chore. That’s because the dual screens are designed specifically for the DS and is meant to be played that way. The same goes to the Wii U. I loved being able to quickly switch my items in Zelda or quickly check the map without opening a UI. And for the Switch it will obviously be about the handheld portability of taking my game experiences with me. I always believed Nintendo was the king when it came to handheld systems and the Switch will be no different.

Furthermore it eliminates a lot of the hassles I deal with my PS4. For one I no longer need to worry about large files consuming storage as most of the games come in modern flash carts which is a lot faster and more efficient than optical media. PS4 games don’t even run on the disc due to the limitations of the Blu-Ray lens, hence why all games are fully installed on the hard drive taking an average of 50 GB per game. The disc is instead used to check if you own the game.

But again, bring up that topic about and you’ll constantly get hammered by fanboys who claim that it is a weak machine. Granted I do not expect the best 3rd party support (though that depends on how well it sells since the Wii got a lot of 3rd party minus the shovelware) but I am convinced it’s a wonderful concept that deserves a chance, at the very least. It’s also a great avenue for Indie’s who are can now show their game both portably and on the big screen.

Wii U’s failures

The Wii U was a failure. Even the most hardcore Nintendo fan would not disagree with this statement. However, it isn’t the only hardware Nintendo ever built. As mentioned earlier Nintendo knew their strength lied with portability. They did great with the 3DS and I’m confident they will carry that legacy forward with the Switch. Because the Switch is now both their home console and handheld device, Nintendo will be able to produce more games for it without massive droughts like we saw before.
But despite that fanboys, as expected, will continue to wail at Nintendo fans for being too loyal to a brand that “back stabbed” them. It’s almost like a crusade with these people, “come to Sony, where greatness awaits” is probably what their slogan would be. Again, I have nothing against being a loyal fan to a brand like Sony but to hate other people for liking Nintendo or supporting them is imprudent.

Trust goes both ways

I can’t finish this article without stating the obvious, yes Nintendo have done questionable things. I don’t blame people for being worried regarding online functionality and all that. The purpose of this however was to highlight the growth of hatred thrown at not only Nintendo but their fanbase. To them Nintendo is dead and anyone who supports them are just kidding themselves and wasting their time for not adapting to latest “cool crowd” standards.

As they say to each their own, and I hope that one day the industry does move forward in not just technology but in their fanbases understanding each other. Of course that last part is just wishful thinking.


3 thoughts on “Being a Nintendo Fan in 2017 is Tough

  1. I agree. Part of the difficulty definitely comes from how Nintendo has handled online gaming and UI as of late. It doesn’t help that the Wii U wasn’t successful. I also think that it was just easier to be a Nintendo fan in previous generations particularly 8- and 16-bit, when Nintendo was on top and the competition was lighter than it is now. Tastes have changed for gamers, and Nintendo doesn’t make the games that most want, which are hardcore shooters and story-driven adventure games. However, as a fan of Nintendo games, I think it’s times like these where I can best be a fan. Nintendo is one of the few companies making the games I still love to play, so I have no problem picking its hardware and software over say, Microsoft. Nintendo’s not perfect, but the Switch has the kinds of platformers, JRPGs, and Zelda experiences that I’m looking for. Of course I would be a fan for that.

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