Nintendo Switch Will Use Friend Codes

Uh-oh! Just when things were going swimmingly for Nintendo’s new handheld/console we get this.

switch friends.png

Image source: Press Start

Press Start were able to get a look at the Switch day one update which adds online functionality. To everyone’s dismay, the Nintendo Switch will in fact adopt the dreaded Friend Code system found in the 3DS. Oddly enough the Wii U doesn’t use friend codes which makes this kind of a head scratcher. One could assume that this will be to cross-play with 3DS owners, perhaps.


Suggestions are another way to add friends via NeoGaf

But there is some hope. Apparently you can add friends if you already linked with them on Facebook and Social Media. Furthermore if you are close to someone you can add them as a friend locally via the Switch.

It’s unclear but it would be great if Nintendo went into more detail on adding friends or online functionality as a whole. We still have no idea how the phone app works which is required to play online on the Switch.

In conclusion, Nintendo needs to wake up and open the flood gates on all the details. Leaving us in the dark will only do more harm than good.


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