Upcoming Switch App ‘Rainway’ Will Allow You To Stream PC Games

A recent developer on Reddit has confirmed a PC steaming app is heading to the Switch.

Rainway is an app that allows users to stream PC content, particularly games, with ease from PC to other less powerful devices in HD 60 FPS. This is similar to apps like Moonlight which make use of Nvidia’s Gamestream technology.

The developer confirmed that it will be launching a BETA next month with a Switch release imminent as well. It seems odd for Nintendo to allow such an app but either way this is exciting news if true. The Switch’s screen is ideal for streaming content and I honestly can’t wait to try it out.


7 thoughts on “Upcoming Switch App ‘Rainway’ Will Allow You To Stream PC Games

  1. Etienne says:

    Why does everyone’s so excited about this? I mean its a useless marketing feature….

    Why would any1 stream their HD PC on a small resolution screen ? (Size of a DS almost)

    Also, users won’t be able to PLAY their PC Games, but only STREAM it…. lol

    I guess I’ll just keep on watching content on my computer instead of a smaller screen.

    I just dont get why everybody’s so hype about this “feature” lol


    • Well there are several reasons. For instance if your PC is upstairs you could stream to the living room below docked and play your games on a big screen. OR you could lay on your bed and play high end games.

      This technology isn’t exactly new as I’m able to stream PC games to my phone but it does have its advantages.


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