New Sonic Game Could Be a 3D Remake of a Classic Entry

Eagle eyed Sonic fans have manged to spot a job listing that may suggest the new Sonic to be announced next month will be a PS4 Xbox One title. Even more intriguing is that it could be a 3D remake of a classic Sonic game.

The below entry is courtesy of Sonic Stadium. The translation is a bit rough but this is what what they were able to get.


  • A job advert has been posted a few months ago for a ‘private’ videogame company.
  • PS4 Xbox One as the platforms.
  • Blue Hedgehog character is mentioned.
  • 3D Reprint is mentioned.

The 3D Reprin has been suggested to be “3D Remake”.

The job listing is no longer available but it seems kind of plausible. Remember that SEGA ended its contract with Nintendo regarding Wii U exclusives so the next big Sonic game will naturally fall on current gen hardware. It also does make sense to remake a classic Sonic title as fans have been yearning a return to the classic routes with probably a 3D twist.

Keep in mind this is still a rumor so it could be fake. One thing’s for sure is that we are definitely looking into getting a big announcement at the Sonic Anniversary event on July 22nd.


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