A More Powerful Switch Was Developed According to Foxconn Employee

Foxconn, one of the largest manufacturing companies in the world, has leaked some extra details regarding the Switch from one their employees.

The info revealed has been taken from Chinese forum site Baidu Tieba and has been translated here. While most of the stuff is techno babble there are somethings to highlight. Mainly the screen will apparently support a 1080 display (as opposed to the 720 that was previously rumored) and that the tablet itself doesn’t produce any loud fan noise and doesn’t heat up.

A devkit (or possibly an advanced version) was also created and is capable of producing PS4 Pro visuals with a 4K output. It’s also heavier and overall bulkier given its extra power. A picture was leaked on 4Chan a day before the Switch was revealed.


Whether this is real or not remains to be seen but I’m crossing my fingers for that 1080 display being true. I also hope the battery does end up being something more useful than 3 hours.


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