Are Base PS4 Owners Getting Screwed Over Already?

Sony’s flashy new PS4 Pro is a great piece of hardware, especially for the price.

Yet despite some worry and speculation about it replacing base models, we were promised that PS4 games will still run fine on the base model. The Last Guardian and Final Fantasy XV have proven otherwise.


10 thoughts on “Are Base PS4 Owners Getting Screwed Over Already?

  1. Hicken says:

    You could at least be diligent enough as a “journalist” to realize that NEITHER of the games you mention were Pro-focused. These games were coming to PS4 before there even WAS a Pro to develop for.

    C’mon, man.


    • You’re not making sense. If that’s the case why does it run worse on base PS4 and better on Pro? If it was developed without pro features in mind they should have been optimized to run smooth on the base model.


      • Jim says:

        He makes perfect sense. The Last Guardian wasnt even being made for Ps4, it was originally a Ps3 base game but never made it to that platform. That’s one reason it took 10yrs to get the game made, they switched hardware during production.

        The fact two games released after Ps4P released and have frame rate issues is now proof of something? Games, its seems especially this gen, release increasingly more and more bugged and broken. Also TLG has framerate issues on Ps4P too by the way as well as camera and controls, I experienced them last night while playing. Using the frame issues of two games as proof, of some conspiracy Sony is up to is just nonsense.


        • All I’m saying is that I experienced both regular and pro there was a clear difference in performance. This could be a sign and shift towards developers setting their milestones on pro first followed by base.


      • Hicken says:

        If this were something that hadn’t happened until just now, you might have a point. Reality is that Assassin’s Creed didn’t need a Pro version to run poorly. Nor have any of the other titles with development issues.

        Furthermore, these games and MANY others releasing right now were well into development by the time devs got their hands on a Pro. Logically speaking, there wasn’t the time to focus on the Pro version, hence why many games show little in the way of improvement.

        It’s utterly asinine to think these flaws in two games not even really optimized for the Pro are indicative of base PS4 owners being shafted.


  2. You guys that desperate for clicks? Your article is a joke, I work in a large retail outlet we have all systems running all day and I would take a look at the xb1 version if I were you, we have even had to refund some people. This happens now and again but I wouldn’t create a story about it to push an angle that’s not true or a major issue. Both games were built for ps4 and run fine. If you prefer one console over another fine but don’t push a poorly backed up opinion a fact.


  3. says:

    Too early to tell. Look at the two games in question in this article. The Last Guardian and Final Fantasy. These are two games that have had troubled development for years and years. TLG was originally scheduled for a PS3 release and FFXV had problem after problem. Its not like these two games were targeting the PS4 Pro to be a showcase. It just so happened the PS4 Pro covered for some of their deep developmental flaws. These two games from the start have had issues with development ineptitude. I love both games and both truly provide a magical experience. But lets be honest….The developers in question don’t really know how or care to harness the power of a PS4. The Pro just covered up the flaws and weaknesses of these developers with a little extra brute force. The developers of these two games don’t really care to focus on performance so that is part of the problem in your example. Look at some of Ico’s past games and you will regularly see frame rate drops into the teens on PS2 for example. They could care less.


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