Gameband Aims To Reinvent The Smartwatch for Gamers

Smartwatches are kind of dying out mainly cause of them being too overpriced and serving to be nothing more than another notification screen. Gameband hopes to change that by turning the hardware into something more interactive. Specifically, video games.

The various models shown are things like the Atari model (which can play simple Atari games) and one based Terraria. But more importantly it has its own built in OS and processor capable of not only adding custom games but as well as running them straight from your watch with an SD card storage to boot. As demonstrated in the video above, you could take your Gameband to your friend’s house, plug it in the PC/Mac and continue where you left off. There’s also the addition of AR games which can make things like basketball matches or riding a bike feel more interesting.


Best of all it’s priced at around $200 making it exceptionally reasonable when compared to other watches in the market. It’s currently on Kickstart and those who pledge early will get a discount though be warned, Kickstarter does not guarantee you’ll get your product. There’s always room for uncertainty and anything could go wrong. So make sure you go in knowing that.


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