Breath of The Wild Can Now Be Played in 4K Thanks to CEMU

CEMU, the fastest growing emulator ever made, has managed to get Breath of the Wild working in a practically perfect condition. Previously the game was plagued with issues ranging from the inability to swim to horrible framerates.

To give you an example of how much has changed, this is how it ran a month ago (gameplay starts at 4:34):

And this is how it looks now:

The difference is quite remarkable. Of course one huge benefit to all this is being able to play on a higher resolution. The Wii U version rendered at a measly 720p while the PC version can go up to 2160p or 4K.

Now you might be wondering how did this emulator fix most of these issues so fast? Dolphin took ages to fix its Z-rendering which allowed games like Rogue Squadron to run. The reason has to do with Patreon. CEMU is backed up by a lot of supports and during Breath of the Wild’s release it saw a huge spike in funding to get the game working. So while other emulator devs do this in their free time, CEMU was getting paid to focus and solve all the issues. Newsflash: money is a great motivator!

In order to get it to work it needs to be played on the latest version of CEMU which is 1.7.3d. Once you obtained it you simply need to get a legit back up of your game and away you go. Be sure to check out the second video’s comments to see what settings you need to put to get the best results. Keep in mind the game suffers from frame rate hiccups even on the original hardware so don’t act too surprised if you get a lot of slow down.


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